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Han Solo was released in 1978 in the A New Hope action figure line.

Points of Interest[edit]

This figure first appeared on the Star Wars 12 back card. During the Return Of The Jedi 65 back releases, the image on this figure's card was replaced with a new image. Though known examples indicate that the switch took place during the 65C production run, It is possible that earlier examples could exist. The original photo made its last appearance on the Return Of The Jedi 65C back. Note that the distinction of 65D and 65E cards is the Anakin figure offer stickers, the 65C was the last printed 65 back variation. The new image was used on all other cards after including Tri-Logo card.


Though all vintage figures have minor variations, the Han Solo figure’s major variation is in the head sculpt. For reasons, though often speculated upon, Kenner has never publicly stated, the figure’s rather diminutive head was replaced with a head that, though sporting a better likeness to Harrison Ford, seems almost too big.

Vintage Han Solo Head Variations.jpg Most of the small-headed figures were packaged on the Star Wars 12 back card, there have been documented specimens on The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi card backs.


Han Solo comes with a smuggler blaster.

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Card Variations[edit]

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