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Usage instructions[edit source]

Use this template by pasting the following code into the top of the article and filling in all relevant fields:

{{Action figure
|image = 
|imageBG = 
|name = 
|manufacturer = 
|price = 
|scale = 
|packin = 
|collection = 
|wave = 
|year = 
|number = 
|accessories = 
|exclusive = 

When adding fields to this infobox be sure to update Template:Action figure/preload at the same time.

Source[edit source]

{{subst:slh|FFA500}} {{subst:sli|FFA500}} {{subst:slc|FFA500}} {{subst:sld|Manufacturer|manufacturer}} {{subst:sld|Price|price}} {{subst:sld|Scale|scale}} {{subst:sld|Pack-in|packin}} {{subst:sld|Collection|collection}} {{subst:sld|Wave|wave}} {{subst:sld|Year|year}} {{subst:sld|Number|number}} {{subst:sld|Accessories|accessories}} {{subst:sld|Exclusive|exclusive}} {{subst:slf|FFA500}}