V-19 Torrent Fighter - The Clone Wars Collection

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After making its debut at the Battle of Genosis, the Republic’s V-19 Torrent assault fighter is used with effectiveness at the Battle of Muunilinst. Anakin Skywalker commands the space battle above the planet, leading clone-piloted V-19 Torrents against the Confederacy’s droid fighters.

Sleek and stylish, this futuristic-looking spacecraft vehicle is loaded with details to help whisk you away on all of your own imaginative Star Wars adventures. Aim the firing blaster cannons at your targets and launch projectiles. The rotating side airfoils can be positioned up or down to “maneuver” this craft through narrow openings. Slide the center airfoil to the top or bottom to dodge unfriendly fire. Open the canopy to pose a figure (figure not included) at the controls. The retractable landing gear helps end your mission on a high note – for play or for display!