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Vandalism on Star Wars Merchandise Wiki is defined as any edit made in a deliberate attempt to lower the quality of the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replacing the text of an article or a section of an article with blank text.
  • Uploading inappropriate images, or replacing existing images with inappropriate images.
  • Adding nonsense, obscenities, or bad jokes to existing articles.
  • Creating new articles which are entirely off-topic nonsense.
  • Moving a page to a new, nonsensical title.
  • Adding external links to pages for the purpose of advertising. (This is a form of spam, sometimes called "linkspam" or "spamdalism".)

An editor who vandalises the wiki may be blocked from making further edits, according to our blocking policy.

Any good-faith attempt to improve Star Wars Merchandise Wiki, even if it is misguided, should not be considered vandalism. This may include:

  • Adding information which may or may not be correct, but doing so in a way which violates the rules of MediaWiki syntax or the rules of English grammar and spelling.
  • Removing information which the editor believes to be incorrect.

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