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User of the Month is an award given to outstanding users each month. To nominate someone, please list the person's username below and give the reason why you are nominating them. Nominations will be accepted until the end of the month. The users/administrators will then review the nominations and if one user has two or more votes than any other user with no oppositions, they will be presented the award on the 1st of the following month.

Try to nominate someone who has not received the award before. Nominations for those who have won the award within the past eight weeks will be dismissed.

Please vote only once, and only vote for another user. Duplicate votes, self-votes, and self-nominations will be removed.

Congratulations goes to our most recent winner, Jedimca0 for May 2010. See History for a complete list of past winners.

Current standings[edit source]

These standings are determined by who has the most votes. This may, however, not be the way the winner is determined. Also, oppositions will lower the amount of votes you have, as long as they're for a good reason. Neutral does nothing.

Nominations[edit source]

None yet.