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The improvement drive is a collaboration to improve existing articles to Featured article status, as well as creating new articles relating to the chosen topic.

Once a topic is chosen, members are encouraged to create, expand, and improve all articles directly related to that subject. For example, if Luke Skywalker was chosen, we would work on every Luke Skywalker action figure, toy, game, clothing, etc.

Nomination and voting[edit source]

Topics to be improved can be nominated by registered users in the "nominations" section below, with an explanation of what work is needed. Please do not nominate topics involved in edit wars. Also, when nominating a topic, please put {{{{[[Template:|]]}}IDRIVE}} on that topic's page so as to inform any visitors to the page of its nomination.

When you vote, please add your vote to the vote total at the "Current ranking" section, and make the necessary changes.

Each Sunday, the topic with the most support votes is chosen. Opposing votes are not counted. You can vote for as many nominations as you like. Topics need two votes per week to stay on the list.

Note: It is considered somewhat rude not to help improve topics you've voted for.

Collaboration[edit source]

Here are some best practices to use while working on a topic selected for the improvement drive:

  1. Plan your contribution. After a topic has been chosen, it is a good idea to post your ideas for additions, changes, and corrections for the topic on the article's talk page. You can then choose some of the listed contributions to avoid overlapping work.
  2. Be quick. Once you have planned your work, make your edits quickly, but carefully. Topics chosen for the drive are the likely subjects of many rapid edits. By entering and exiting EDIT mode quickly, you can avoid another user saving a new edit before you have completed your work.

Nominations[edit source]

The next project topic is to be selected soon.

Current rankings[edit source]

Nominations[edit source]