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Hasbro's logo.

Hasbro is a toy company that bought Kenner in the 1990's. It currently makes all Star Wars action figures.

Hasbro's Star Wars action figure lines[edit | edit source]

Hasbro's Star Wars Galactic Heroes Line[edit | edit source]

(Note this line started in 2002 as Playskol "Star Wars" Big Adventure. The small (2-2 3/4") stylized figures are aimed at preschoolers and younger kids)

  • Playskol "Star wars" Big Adventure playsets
  • Figures - sold in pairs (2004-present)
  • Figure
  • Danglers - same figures sold as key chains/backpack danglers (2005)
  • Vehicles/Ships
  • Convention promotional figures

Hasbro's Star Wars Jedi Force Line[edit | edit source]