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Hey My name is troyb,I mostly help out on wookieepedia but I'm trying to expand what I do.If you would like to see my Main page please visit wookieepedia.I have been collecting since forever,my first toy was an Artoo Detoo.My fav area of collecting is neimoidian's,so far I own 5 out of 6.I collect sculptures with extra money but all I have is a lightsaber and a mini sculpture of grievous.My fav action figure is EP1 Rune haako and tessek.Here are some list's of thing's I own.


My main interest is toy collecting,here are some toy's I own. when you See this (brakets) it will say what I use them for.

Troyb's favorite Neimoidian toy
  • Rune haako (TPM, sep aide)
  • Nute Gunray (TPM, separatist Leader)
  • Lott dod (Neimoidia Senator, Sep Aide)
  • EP3 Neimoidian warrior (Sep bodyguard, CIS infantry)
  • Lushros Dofine (Neimoidian Captain, sep aide)
  • Three EP3 battle droid's (CIS infantry)
  • Super battle droid (CIS infantry)
  • Barada (Jabbas guard, CIS soldier)
  • Jabba (Hutt ganster, CIS supporter)
  • Bib fortuna (Sep aide, senator)
  • I-G 88 (Bounty hunter, IG lancer droid, CIS infantry)
  • Boba fett (Bounty hunter)
  • Plo koon (Jedi Master)
  • Kit fisto (Jedi Master)
  • Poggle the lesser (Separatist Leader)
  • Tarkin (Republic general, Imperial dictator)
  • Moff jerjoroide (Republic commander, imp officer)
  • General Veers (Republic admiral, Imp general)
  • General grevous (CIS general)
  • magna Gaurd (Sep bodyguard, CIS infantry)
  • Destroyer droid (Sep infantry)
  • Darth vader (Sith lord)
  • Anakin skywalker (Sith lord)
  • Passel argente (Separatist leader)
  • Geonosian warrior (Sep aide, Geonosian infantry)
  • tessek (Tikkes {sep leader} )
  • Darth Malak (Sith lord, new ruler of the empire)
  • Darth Revan (Sith lord)
  • Lava worker (CIS infantry)
  • Snow trooper (Republic officer, imp trooper)
  • Stormtrooper(x4)
  • Po Nudo (Separatist leader)
  • Crab droid (CIS infantry)
  • Tri Droid (CIS infantry)
  • Imperial strom troopers (Infantry)
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn (Imperial Leader)


I don't really have alot of set's but here they are.

  • Mustafar playset


My second fav area of collecting is Vehicle's

  • Darth vader's tie fighter
  • AAT
  • Hailfire droid
  • AT-AT walker
  • Jedi starfighter
  • Slave 1


I got my first starwars movie in 1997,It was the best year of my life.And since then I have collected many more.Here are the one's I own and my rating's of them.

  • The Phantom Menance:5/5
  • Attack of the clones:4/5
  • Revenge of the sith:4.5/5
  • A New hope:3/5
  • Empire strikes Back:5/5
  • Returne Of the jedi:2/5


I also collect book's

My favorite video game.
  • All visual dictionary's
  • all guid's
  • comic's
  • timlines
  • EP3 novel

Video games[edit]

I mostly collect games.

  • star wars battlefront 1&2
  • Republic commando
  • lego starwars 1&2
  • Knights of the old republic