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Greetings! I am Sir Figurelot. On wookieepedia and KOTOR wiki I am Quinlanfan. I am an adminastrator on KOTOR Wiki. I have been collecting Star Wars since I was two years old. The lat time I counted my figures, was seven years ago. At that time I had a little over 700 of them. Now I probably have close to 1000. I really need to count them. I also customize figures too. My custom figures, and how to make them , will be posted on my subpage. I am a Southern Baptist Christian and I live in the deep south. And no, I am not a redneck. I come from a family that likes star wars. I actually was given a pirated copy of Episode III while it was in theaters. I did not Buy it. My friend's sister's boyfriend's friend gave it to me at a party. I know that sounds like I made it up, but I did not. That was true.