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Greeting readers and members alike i`am Comamnder Amolsch.I have been collecting since 2005 althought i haven`t been collectin for that long i have a lot of action figures and 1 vehicles.I will update thi page as a get more figures and vehicles.If i spell any word wrong feel free to correct them.

30th Anniversity Shock Trooper

30th Anniversity Clone Trooper(Attack of the Clones)

30th Anniversity Clone Trooper(Revenge of the Sith)

30th Anniversity Mace Windu

30th Anniversity Ariborn Trooper

30th Anniversity Storm Trooper

Comic Pack Luke Skywalker(Storm Trooper)& R2-D2

Comic Pack Chewbacca and Han Solo(Storm Trooper)

Comic Pack Qinden Vos and Horned Guy

Episode 3 Green Clone Commander

Saga Collection Commander Cody

Clone Wars ARC Troopr Blue

POTF2 Bossk

30th Anniversity Vintage Luke Bespin Fatigues

30th Anniversity Vintage Snowtrooper

30th Anniversity Vintage Tusken Radier

30th Anniversity Vintage Han Solo(Trench Coat)

30th Anniversity Vintage Princess Leia(Combat Poncho)

30th Anniversity Vintage Han Solo(Hoth Outfit)

30th Anniverity Darth Vader

Saga Collection Rebel Commando(Black)

POTF2 Scout Troopr

POTF2 Princess Leia(Ewok Village)

Saga Collection Gonk Droid and Treadwheel Droid

30th Anniversity Vintage Greedo

30th Annivesity Galactic Marine

Saga Collection Admiral Ooze

Saga Collection Hammerhead(i forgot his real name)

30th Anniversity Vintage IG-88


A New Hope(Orginal Edition)(VHS)

Empire Striks Back(Orginal Edition)( VHS)

Revenge of the Sith(DVD)

The Story of Star Wars(DVD)

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