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The Clone Wars Collection is one of Hasbro's action figure lines for 2008 - 2009. The other Collection line for 2008 - 2009 is The Legacy Collection which focuses on the realistic/movie-accurate merchandise.

Just like an actual movie's line, this collection will feature merchadise for the upcoming The Clone Wars movie and TV series on Cartoon Network. It is a 3D CGI continuation/expansion of Cartoon Network's Clone Wars cartoon from 2003.

All the Clone Wars figures are based on their Clone Wars movie screen counterparts meaning animated styled. The vehicles are the same style as in realistic and will be compatible with both animated (Clone Wars) and realistic figures (Legacy).

The line will include 23 (at least) figures in its basic assortment.

Wave Breakdown[edit | edit source]

2008 Basic Assortment[edit | edit source]

Wave 1[edit | edit source]

Wave 2[edit | edit source]

  • Ahsoka Tano (With Rotta the Hutt)
  • Captain Rex
  • Clone Captain Oddball
  • Clone Commander Cody
  • Clone Trooper
  • General Grievous
  • Super Battle Droid

Wave 3[edit | edit source]

2009 Basic Assortment[edit | edit source]

Wave 1[edit | edit source]

  • Clone Space Trooper
  • Magnaguard
  • Padme Amidala
  • R3-S6
  • Clone Trooper (212th Battalion)

Wave 2[edit | edit source]

  • Jar Jar Binks
  • Rocket Battle Droid
  • Kit Fisto
  • Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)

Wave 3[edit | edit source]

  • Mace Windu
  • Jawas
  • Commander Gree
  • ARF Trooper
  • Admiral Yularen
  • Super Battle Droid (Heavy Assault)

Wave 4[edit | edit source]

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Space Suit)
  • 4-A7
  • Yoda
  • Whorm Loathsom
  • Commmando Droid
  • Clone Trooper Echo

Wave 5[edit | edit source]

  • Clone Trooper Denal
  • Anakin Skywalker (Space Suit)
  • Cad Bane
  • Ahsoka Tano (Space Suit)

Wave 6 - Repaints & Repacks[edit | edit source]

  • CW24: Captain Rex
  • CW25: R2-D2
  • CW26: Ahsoka Tano
  • CW27: Count Dooku
  • CW28: Commander Cody
  • CW29: Destroyer Droid

Wave 7[edit | edit source]

  • CW30: Luminara Unduli
  • CW31: Captain Argyrus
  • CW32: Clone Commander Thire
  • CW33: AAT Driver Battle Droid

Wave 8[edit | edit source]

  • CW34: Matchstick
  • CW35: Padmé Amidala (Adventure Gear)
  • CW36: Clone Tank Gunner
  • CW37: Ziro's Assassin Droid

Exclusives[edit | edit source]

Mail-In Offer Exclusive Exclusive

  • Clone Trooper Senate Security

Target Exclusive

  • Commander Fox

Toys "R" Us Exclusive

  • Holographic General Grievous

Wal-Mart Exclusive

  • 501st Clone Trooper

Battle Packs[edit | edit source]

  • Ambush on the Vulture's Claw
  • AT-TE Assault Squad
  • B'omarr Monastery Assault
  • Battle of Christophsis (Ultimate)
  • Jabba's Palace
  • Obi-Wan and 212th Attack Battalion (Target)
  • Speeder Bike Recon
  • Yoda & Coruscant Guard (Target)

Vehicles[edit | edit source]


  • Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter (Clone Wars)
  • AAT (Redeco)

Wal-Mart Exclusive:

  • Republic Gunship (Redeco)

Toys "R" Us Exclusive

  • ARC-170 Fighter (Imperial Shadow Squadron)
  • ARC-170 Fighter (Redeco)
  • Hailfire Droid & General Grievous
  • V-Wing Starfighter & Oddball

Role-Play[edit | edit source]

Target Exclusive:

  • Clone Trooper Voice Changer with Torch (Red - Senate Security?)

Wal-Mart Exclusive:

  • Clone Trooper Voice Changer (Blue - 501st)