Star Wars Miniatures

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Star Wars Miniatures is a die based board game, related to Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. Six sets of sixty miniatures each, totaling 360 pieces so far, offer characters to collect and battle other players with.


Eight sets have been released so far, seven of which can be used together to battle with.

Rebel Storm

Clone Strike


Revenge of the Sith

Champions of the Force

Bounty Hunters

and Empire Alliance and Empire

Rebels and Imperials

The Force Unleashed

Legacy of the Force

Knights of the Old Republic

The Clone Wars

Imperial Entanglements

Jedi Academy

Galaxy at War

Dark Times

The Universe and Bounty Hunters packs are Huge, meaning they contain one huge piece.

The Star Ship Battles packs are a new branch of the game, and cannot be used with the other packs. It contains ships to battle with, and looks to be a limited line.

Two special packs have also been released. The Attack on Endor set contains one Huge AT-ST, a scout trooper, a storm trooper officer, and a storm trooper. The AT-AT set contains on Huge AT-AT.

Game Play[edit]

A stats card comes with each game piece. This card tells how each character performs in battle. The pieces are all arianged on the game board, and then the game starts. Each player takes turns moving his peices until they are able to attack. The attacks are made, and a d20 (20 sided die) is rolled to determine affectiveness. The game continues until all of one players pieces are defeated.

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