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Star Wars: Rebellion was a video game released in 1998 for the PC.

Story Star Wars: Rebellion, (Also known as Star Wars: Supremacy in the U.K) is a real time strategy game that follows on from the events of Ep IV. The Death Star has been destroyed and the Galactic Empire is ready to strike against the rebel base on Yavin IV, whilst the Rebel Alliance is preparing to move to another part of the Galaxy.

Game Play To allow a different gaming experience every time many of the game elements are randomized at the beginning of a new game, as such many elements such as; locations, resources and the allegiance of many planets can not be considered canon information. At the beginning of a new game the player takes on the roll of a military administrator on the side of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Depending on the player chosen side he is given an advisor droid (C3PO for the Rebel Alliance and a IMP-22 for the Galactic Empire) The games main interface is a map of the galaxy.

Although the game starts a at specific point in the Star Wars timeline the game is not story driven giving the player the opportunity to play the game their own way. Although Cannon events may occur (The Capture of Han Solo on Bespin, Luke’s Jedi training, the construction of the second Death Star) the player can chose other, non cannon story lines to follow (Luke attaining the rank of Jedi Master before his fight with The Emperor and Darth Vader, the creation of more Death Stars) the game also allows the Empire to win. With the addition of major characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader the game allowed the player to choose a variety of different options (such as having minor characters trained by Luke or Darth Vader) which gave the minor character greater chances of completing missions.

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