Luke Skywalker (In Imperial Guard Disguise)

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Luke Skywalker







Shadows of the Empire


Wave 1





  • Taser staff weapon
  • Helmet

Luke Skywalker (in Imperial Guard Disguise) is cataloged as Shadows of the Empire #04.


Luke Skywalker was released as a part of the Shadows of the Empire series, alongside Chewbacca (In Bounty Hunter Disguise), Dash Rendar, Leia (In Boushh Disguise), and Prince Xizor.


Luke Skywalker comes with a taser staff weapon and a helmet.

Cardback biography[edit]

The Empire's victory in the Battle of Hoth has brought hard times for the Rebel Alliance. Han Solo has been frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader, and two huge bounties have been placed on the head of Luke Skywalker. The Emperor wants him alive, but Prince Xizor, underlord of the most powerful criminal organization in the galaxy, wants him dead. Worse still is that the diabolical Xizor is holding Princess Leia Organa prisoner in his castle on the Imperial Center of Coruscant. This is a tactical maneuver, part of a larger master plan to lure Skywalker into his castle where he can be easily eliminated--the key step in Xizor's plan to replace Darth Vader at the Emperor's side. Unaware of this danger, the young Jedi and Lando Calrissian sneak into Imperial City hoping to rescue Leia. Simply laying foot on Coruscant is a dangerous act for these two: high on the Empire's list of most-wanted outlaws, they could be easily recognized and captured--or assassinated. Disguising themselves as beggars, they "borrow" the armored uniforms from a pair of elite Coruscant stormtroopers. These troopers are some of the Empire's finest, selected as home guards for the wealthiest and most cultured city in the galaxy. Joining forces with Chewbacca and Dash Rendar, Skywalker and Calrissian attempt to infiltrate Xizor's nearly impenetrable stronghold and rescue the princess.

Height: 1.72 Meters

Status: Jedi in Training

Classification: Human

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber