Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Wars Astromech Droid Set

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Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Wars Astromech Droid Set included ten unique astromech droid action figures. While all ten are based on droids that appear throughout the saga, many are painted differently than they appear on film, such as R3-T2.

In addition to the Star Wars Customizable Card Game from Decipher, Inc., these two sets of figures added to the information available on several lesser-known astromech droids.




  • Fan/collector Adam Pawlus made it a project to get R2-X2, his favorite as-of-then unmade droid, made in 2005. That spring, he started a project to get R2-X2 and nine other astromech droids seeing production as action figures in 2006 as exclusives to online store Entertainment Earth. While he has made reference to having droid data for future figures he'd like to see, no plans have been announced.
  • BoShek's droid, R4-E1, was included as an in-joke for readers of Adam Pawlus' various columns over the years.
  • The final names of some droids were not known until shortly before the item was announced in July 2005. Some of the droids were seen with different names prior to the announcement of these figures, which featured Lucasfilm-approved names. It is for this reason that droids on Astromech.net and these figures may be named differently.

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