A New Hope Snaggletooth

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A New Hope



  • Smuggler blaster

Snaggletooth was released in 1978.


Snaggletooth comes with a smuggler blaster.


This figure has one major variation. There is a red Snaggletooth and a blue one. The red one is the only Snaggletooth to appear on cards, the blue one has a unique sculpt and was included with the Cantina Adventure Set.

Common vintage Star Wars misconception regarding the famous Snaggletooth blue and red variations: Everyone knows that the blue one came from the Cantina Adventure set sold exclusively through Sears and never shipped as a single carded version, but that is only part of the whole truth. The red version was also packed in as a replacement for the blue in the set as well as being released on the card. Surprisingly the blue version isn’t half as rare as most people think, though still by no means is as overly abundant as it’s shorter counterpart.

Though aesthetically similar in many ways, this version of the figure is 3 3/4” (apposed to the later version which is 2 3/4”), sported silver space boots and a blue jump suit. Carrying the same weapon as the small version, the blue Snaggletooth was available only in a sealed Kenner baggie and never on any blistered card back. There has been much talk of this figure being packaged on the Meccano square cards in France, but to date not a single example has ever surfaced.