AT-TE - The Clone Wars Collection

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AT-TE - The Clone Wars Collection







The Clone Wars



  • Electronic Lights
  • Electronic Sounds
  • Clone Trooper Phrases
  • Clone Trooper Figure
  • Articulated Legs
  • Built In Blaster Racks
  • Firing Main Cannon
  • 6 Firing Laser Turrets
  • Rotating Front Cannons
  • Auto-Deploy Opening Hatch
  • Room to hold up to 20 figures!

The AT-TE comes as part of The Clone Wars Collection line of vehicles.


(This can be found on the back of the box)

The All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) blasted its way into battle for the first time at the Battle of Geonosis, and proceeded to unleash its aggressive power all through the Clone Wars. This armored assault vehicle moves with unyielding intimidation toward enemy fortifications, plowing through energy shields and firing its six laser cannons and a heavy projectile cannon all the way. Its interior can hold a squad of clone troopers that can be quickly deployed for ground combat.

March your Clone Trooper army (one figure included; others sold separately) into one of your staged battles aboard this impressive AT-TE vehicle. Pose the articulated legs as if it’s “marching” into battle and activate the electronic walking sounds! Take aim at enemy troops with the built-in blaster rifle and pistol racks and a total of six firing “laser” turrets! A firing main cannon features blasting sounds and lights when triggered. Adjust one of the multi-rotational front cannons and they all move together. Deploy your troopers into battle through the auto-deploy hatch and hear authentic Clone Wars trooper phrases, like “All units fire at will.” “Approaching droid perimeter. We are undetected.” and “The droid army is in full retreat.” Make your mark on the galaxy and roll out some Star Wars excitement with this action-packed vehicle!

  1. Includes unassembled vehicle, 6 “laser” barrels, 1 cannon projectile, clone trooper figure, blaster,