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Cover of the booklet

The Stjernekrigen (literally, "the star war") audiotape was a Danish audioplay released on audiotape with an accompanying booklet in 1982 (and re-release in 1983 and 1996) based on A New Hope. It was originally released by Vista. It featured the voice actors Peter Kitter as Han Solo and Darth Vader, and Paul Glargaard as Luke Skywalker, Red Leader and the narrator, among others.

The tape is celebrated among Danish Star Wars as a kitchy gem. It is notorious its odd translations of many of the original concepts, its general kitchy phrasing and several instances of mispronunciations of the English names that were not translated.

The tape was followed by Imperiet Slår Igen and Jedi-Ridderen Vender Tilbage with mostly the same cast.


  • In the booklet of the original release in 1982, "Luke Skywalker" is translated into "Luke Skyganger", which means "Luke Cloudwalker".
  • "Darth Vader" is consistently mispronounced as "Dart Wader".
  • "Obi-Wan Kenobi" is repeatedly mispronounced as "Obi-Van Kanobi".
  • "Leia" is once minspronounced as "Laya".
  • The tape opens with "For lang tid siden i en fjern, fjern stjernetåge", meaning "A long time ago in a nebula far, far away".
  • The Galactic Empire is translated into "Galaksens Rige", which means "The Kingdom of the Galaxy".
  • In this play, the tractor beam does not pull but eather sucks the Falcon into the Death Star even though "tractor beam" itself is translated as "trækstråle", which means "pull-beam".
  • The tape wrongly states that Luke became the leader of the Rebellion.

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